2022 Business Report

In June, the Children in the Cloud Foundation published its activity report for 2022. Today we are making it available to everyone. This is an important step in the life of a Foundation. The activity report attempts to provide an objective and transparent overview of the actions we have taken, the use of the funds entrusted to us and the difficulties we have encountered. It also sets out our plans for 2023.

You can read the 2022 Activity Report below or the download.


Message from the Chairman, Eric Collet

At last! At last things are (almost) back to normal in the mountains of Simien and throughout Ethiopia. Of course, we are not unaware that the situation remains tense in the Oromia region, where sporadic fighting between the OLF (Oromia Liberation Front) and the central government continues. Of course, we are not unaware of the dramatic drought affecting the Somalia region in south-east Ethiopia. Of course we are not ignoring the appalling poverty that is hitting the population even harder after 3 years of health and political crises.
But we have to be satisfied with progress when it comes and welcome improvements when they occur. From this point of view, 2022 will have been a good year. First and foremost, it was the year when the children returned to school. An immense satisfaction that the whole team and I would like to share with you. Because thanks to your support, we are not fighting to build a school, but to ensure that children go to school in good conditions! It's a big difference, and these troubled times have been an opportunity to reaffirm our principles and values, and the fight we are waging with pugnacity and determination.
The image of these 600 children, finally back at school and proudly wearing their brand new uniforms, is the one I will keep in mind for this year 2022. It is also the one we have naturally chosen to illustrate the cover of this report.
There have also been other fine achievements, both at Sona and at the Chirolaba secondary school, which I invite you to discover (or rediscover if you follow us regularly!) in this activity report.
So thank you to all those who have made these actions possible. Thank you to our supporters and donors, thank you to our local team and to the volunteers around me who give so much of themselves.
Eric Collet - Chairman