Video of the December 2020 trip

the Sona school built by the NGO Children in the Cloud seen with a drone

After a year's absence due to the health crisis, but also the political tensions in Tigray, we were finally able to return to Sona. Thanks to our team on site, the work progressed well in 2020 and we were eager to discover the new achievements! We also wanted to take stock of the situation and to solve the multitude of small problems which, from Europe, we were powerless to solve...

Video of the trip to Sona

The purpose of this trip in the Simien was also to bring back images - photos and videos - to be able to report on the work done. Here is the video of our trip to Ethiopia, from Addis Ababa to Sona, between December 28th 2020 and January 5th 2021.

Moreover, we are in the process of processing the collected information to propose you a detailed visit and progress report of the site. It should be available in the next few days.

We continue in 2021!

We are therefore in the home stretch and we hope that all the buildings will be completed in April 2021, before the 2021 rainy season. Phase 3 of the project can then start this autumn, with the setting up of actions to make the school live:

  • setting up the care system around the infirmary in partnership with the NGO SMMMS (Simien Mountains Mobile Medical Service)
  • setting up evening classes in the fields of agriculture, gender equality, fight against forced marriages, etc.
  • setting up the orchard and teaching garden
  • setting up the reception area for trekkers and tourists, and the associated services
  • implementation of the scholarship system at Chiro Laba High School and at Debark University for the most deserving boys and girls.
  • support for the equipment of the area high school in Chirolaba.
  • ... and many others!
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