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For donations from Switzerland, we suggest that you make a bank transfer as it reduces transaction costs. Please send us your address using the form at the bottom of the page to send you the tax certificate.

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For donations from Switzerland we will send you the tax receipt at the beginning of the year. For residents in other countries who wish to obtain the tax deduction in force in their country of residence, it is possible thanks to the TGE. Click on the flag of your country!

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Benefit from a tax deduction

Depending on your country of residence, you can benefit from a tax reduction or deduction. Children in the Cloud is an approved Foundation of the Canton of Vaud (VD - Switzerland) and as such it benefits from the tax deduction on donations made to it. Swiss taxpayers can pay their donations directly to the Foundation, which will issue a tax receipt entitling them to the tax deduction. For the other European countries that are members of the TGE (Transnational Giving in Europe), a Foundation is designated in each country to receive donations and issue the tax receipt under the conditions in force in the donor's country of residence. Each of the national foundations (Fondation de FranceEmpresa & Sociedad in Spain, Maecenata in Germany, etc.) then returns the collected donations to us. A percentage (around 5% in general) is levied for management fees by each intermediate Foundation.

Children in the Cloud - 6 years of actions!

We made an initial contact with the population at the end of April 2016 and discussed their needs. From this, the priorities were defined used to the formulate the project. After the rainy season (May - August) we developed the project with the support of an Ethiopian person who has already successfully carried out similar projects in the south of the country for an English NGO. The estimated cost of the first phase of the project is 350'000 Swiss francs excluding domestic contributions, i.e. land, transport and construction labour. Our goal is to raise enough funds to complete the construction in 2021. The challenge is about to be met!

Projects in progress or under study

- Construction of a permanent primary school for 600 students. The project is almost complete.

- Supply of school material and reference books

- Supply of uniforms

- Construction of sanitary infrastructure and bring water to school

- Construction of a camping area for visiting tourists

- Housing for school teachers

In a second time, the construction or the association with a secondary school to allow the children of Sona to continue their studies. Here is an excellent reason to make a humanitarian donation for Ethiopia by supporting our action!

How can we help?

  • through a financial contribution, punctual or regular. All contributions are welcome and will help change the lives of Sona's children and their parents! Have you also thought about sponsoring a child who is able to continue his or her studies in secondary school?
  • by the supply of material (school, clothes, etc.)
  • by providing your skills and your energy

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