The project in videos

Video Simien Ethiopia. The Children in the Cloud Foundation gives a very important place to communication. Indeed, it allows us to report to our donors on the progress of the operations and the good use of the funds that are generously entrusted to us. Video is particularly important. We consider video to be a format that is very well suited to reporting on our actions. In just a few minutes, thanks to images, interviews, voice-overs or graphic overlay, the viewer has a general, illustrated and relatively precise idea of the progress of the Foundation's work. This first level of information can easily be completed by reading our Press Releases or our reports.

Videos of Simien in Ethiopia

In addition, these videos promote the country, Ethiopia, and the region of the Simien Mountains National Park (SMNP) where Sona is located.

The main videos published by the Foundation are listed below, in chronological order, with the oldest first.

May 2016 - Presentation of the project Children in the Cloud on video.

This video was shot in May 2016, during the first trip dedicated to the validation of the Children in the Cloud project, in which Chrystèle Doulat, Eric Collet and Hervé Doulat participated. The landscapes are those of the beginning of the rainy season, which could be compared to beginning of winter here, with nature in hibernation and cool temperatures.

November 2018 trip

January 2018 - Water coming to Sona School

Report on the April 2019 trip to Sona

These trips were made with the precious support of the agency Allibert TrekkingSmiling Ethiopia and Simien National Park.

Video presentation of the project in Amharic

The appropriation of the project by the local population has always been a priority of the Children in the Cloud Foundation. This is the reason for this video, shot in Amharic. You can find it in the complete article about ownership of the project

2015-2019 - History of the Foundation 

A very nice video summary of the first 4 years of the Foundation's work in the Simien in Ethiopia. 

Video of the trip from December 2020 - January 2021

The water battle - April 2021

October 2022 trip

Ethiopia Video Corpus

The videos were generally produced by 1628films. They constitute without any doubt one of the most beautiful corpus of videos on Ethiopia in general and on the Simien Mountains in particular.

royalty free image Simien Ethiopia
royalty free image Simien Ethiopia children on horseback