Vision, Mission, Values


The Foundation promotes education of children in the best possible environment to enable them to develop for a sustainable future.

sona school student
student Sona Simien school Ethiopia ngo


Supports the creation and development of educational infrastructure.

Development of projects in local partnership.

Creation of education and personal development projects.

Development of an effective support committee:

  • Charitable support or sponsorship,
  • Sympathizers offering their image, moral, material or technical support
  • Social partners aiming for fair trade

Creation of a network facilitating projects

Carrying out projects at a lower cost while respecting our values


  • Work under the aegis of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child of Unicef
  • Improvement of education to give a chance to children living in a precarious situation
  • Improving education for a sustainable development
  • Selection of projects on the basis of ethics, feasibility, sustainability and efficiency by surrounding ourself with the best specialists
  • Each franc donated is committed to concrete action
  • transparency of our action. Of course, we report annually to the supervisory authorities and communicate as much as possible about the use of funds and the progress of the work.