The school is coming out of the ground: what a thrill!

Sona, Simien Ethiopia school construction

Here we are back from our 6th trip to Sona in order, for the first time, to see the progress of the work. Almost 3 years to the day after our first contact with the community of the high plateau of Sona, the school promised then becomes reality! "Finally!" we want to say so many obstacles to overcome: administrative, financial, governance of the project, technical, etc.. But so many things have been achieved in 3 short years and already a project is underway! We can, all together, be proud of the path we have taken.

start of school construction. Simien National Park Ethiopia

Work is progressing!

The foundations of the first block of 4 classes were dug. The materials (cement, scrap metal, sheet metal, doors and windows, etc.) were transported by mule or man. A temporary storage building (on the left in the photo) was erected. The piles of stones are intended for the foundations and slabs of the future building.

We will of course come back in detail on the progress of the project, in text, photos and videos! But we absolutely wanted to share with you our enthusiasm and optimism after this intense and positive trip! So here are some pictures to show you what it's all about.

School construction in Simien National parc has started

Transporting the equipment at the end of the rainy season in difficult conditions, and carrying it on the back of men and mules to Sona. The rainy season has decided to play for longer but nothing can dent the determination of the local population to have their school!

Transporting materials on human backs. Simien National Park Ethiopia

Thank you to the residents, their representatives, the construction company, the Foundation's employees and of course to all the donors for this magnificent result!

The funds raised to date have enabled us to implement the first phase of the project, i.e. 2 buildings with 4 classrooms for 400 students. We Let's continue the fundraising for the continuation of the project, thank you for your generosity.

We will prepare a much more complete report of our visit and the progress of the construction site. Until then, we remind you of our presence on the

Festival Carnets de Voyages of Marly

November 16-19, 2018