Electricity is coming to Sona's school!

Solar panels Ethiopia Simien

A photovoltaic installation for the Sona school! As the construction of the buildings is coming to an end, we are logically starting the work related to the electrification of the site. Our local team is carrying out the work under the guidance of Mihret Mitiku and Ignacio Larrain, Foundation administrator and specialist in these issues. We have chosen a solar photovoltaic installation. It will develop a power of 4600 Watts peak for a daily consumption of 3,2 KWH. It will be one of the largest solar photovoltaic installations for electricity production in an Ethiopian school.

This project was supported by the Australian Government under the Small Grants Program. We were awarded approximately $3000 to fund the production of photovoltaic electricity to power the water filtration system.

Objectives of the electrification of Sona

The solar power system is designed to comfortably meet the needs of the site. First of all, the lighting of the work places (classrooms, meeting rooms, offices and library). Similarly, the teachers' residences will benefit from lighting. Some 220 volt outlets will be installed to supply office equipment. A small revolution in Sona and in these remote areas of the Simien!

In addition, a specific solar photovoltaic installation will be dedicated to water purification. Indeed, in the next few months, the final supply of spring water to Sona should be effective. Although naturally pure, the water will be stored at the school and purified before consumption. Ignacio Larrain, who also manages the "water" part, has defined a purification system by filtration followed by a sterilization by UV with LED of low electric consumption.

At the service of children, as always

Electrification will be very concrete for the children. It allows in particular:

  • Classroom lighting, This will allow for the longer working days that may be required by the doubling of classes in view of the large influx of pupils.
  • Lighting the library and the common room for evening work (preparation for high school or university entrance exams).
  • Water purification for the satisfaction of primary needs and also a genuine health education policy.
  • Lighting of the infirmary for care in better conditions and a wider schedule (in partnership with the SMMMS).

The photovoltaic system in figures

  • 16 solar panels of 250 W (for lighting)
  • 4 solar panels of 150 W (for water treatment)
  • 10 batteries 150 Ah gel, storage capacity 18 KWH
  • 58 LED light points 30W, 3000 lumens.

Electrification of the Sona school in pictures

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