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In 2019, 1.91 billion francs were donated to charity. This is a record and the generosity of the Swiss citizens is unabated! The organization Zewo (Quality label for the transparency of donations in Switzerland) tells us that donations in Switzerland have been stable in recent years at around 1.8 billion francs. This will be followed by growth in 2019, as shown in the graph below.

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The big Swiss NGOs first!

2 out of 3 francs go to the 50 most important Swiss NGOs. To make a donation in Switzerland is first to support these large humanitarian associations and this is quite normal given their notoriety and the means used for their communication. Each of them has received between 6 and 117 million Swiss francs. But making a donation in Switzerland also means supporting small NGOs or associations. A third of all donations are directed to them. This craze for small foundations, such as Children in the Cloud, comes from the idea that the loss of money would be less important there. That the management costs are much more limited. And the expensive communication campaigns of the big NGOs do not correct this judgment...

Give us from Switzerland

Switzerland is our country of origin and registration. Despite the adage that "no man is a prophet in his own country", the bulk of our resources come from Switzerland. Approximately 60% of our donations come from Switzerland. Our donations come in a balanced way from individuals and donor foundations (NPOs). Our accounts are of course certified by our accountant and our auditor, as required by law. They are also filed each year with the federal umbrella organization. But beyond the legal obligations, our donors appreciate our reports which show the good use of the donations we receive from Switzerland and elsewhere. For example, the report on our last trip in January 2021 orApril 2021.

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You can support us by making our action known. You can also, and very easily, make a donation from Switzerland or any other European country.